About Beverley de la Harpe

Beverley de la Harpe is a Master NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist (Dip) and has trained extensively over the past 20 years with world renowned trainers such as Gary de Rodriguez and Michael Yapko. She has also completed studies with Stephen Gilligan, who was one of Milton Erickson’s students; Bob Bodenhamer, Michael Hall, and Australia’s own Rick Collingwood, who has been a frontrunner for hypnotherapy in Australia.

Her philosophy is based in the belief that all behaviors are motivated by unconscious impulses, namely neurological triggers. These triggers, whether negative or positive are based upon certain beliefs that we act upon when triggered by specific situations. NLP helps to identify these triggers which cause us to think or react in a particular way. When we understand what the triggers are, we can utilize them to transform and resolve a negative thought pattern and belief. Thus allowing us to transform our anxieties, fears or destructive behaviours, into positive belief systems and lead more enriching lives.

The processes used are fast, efficient, enlightening and non-invasive. Coupled with the integration that hypnotherapy achieves, it provides a person with a natural sense self-empowerment and ability to be more fully present, thus providing more confidence to move forward in their lives with useful, workable insights about themselves.

Beverley’s passion and enthusiasm for her work shines through and coupled with her varied and extensive education and experience in the healing arena “gets results”. She runs a busy practice and works out of offices conveniently located South of the river off Canning Highway.

She has clientele of all age groups and demographic backgrounds. Areas  of expertise are in the field of motivation, anger management, depression, learning difficulties, bulimia, weight loss and smoking to name a few, which she believes all relate back to a core anxiety.

Beverley also does couple counseling and conflict resolution.

She is a Clinical Member, Training Co-ordinator and Accredited Supervisor with the Australian Hypnotherapy Association (AHA), as well as a member and Supervisor of the Professional Hypnotists of WA (PHWA); American Board of Hypnotherapy and an accredited Time Line Therapist and Extended DISC® Consultant.

Before embarking on such a rewarding path, Beverley was working in the corporate world as an executive assistant; which, whilst it provided a useful exposure to human resources and background in corporate administration, was largely unsatisfying. However, it paved the way for her studies and she eventually was able to step off that merry go round and embrace her calling.

Other areas of interest which has brought Beverley to this point in her life are:-

• Extended DISC® Consultant
• EFT Practitioner
• Time Line Therapy

Memberships include:-

• Clinical Member AHA (Australian Hypnotherapists Association)
• National Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists Australia
• PHWA (Professional Hypnotists of WA)
• American Board of Hypnotherapy

Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment
Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy
Professional Counseling

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