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Where does a new born baby breathe from?

Their belly of course

Where do young children, cats or dogs breathe from?

Their belly of course!


When we breathe from our belly’s we scientifically oxygenate our brains

We flow a fresh supply of blood to our brains

This creates choice

This grounds and centers us


When we breathe from our chests, we automatically create the fight, flight response

We give ourselves an Adrenalin shot!

We reduce the oxygen to our brains, we reduce the blood flow to our brains

We reduce our choices as we’ve kicked into  survival mode!

Blue Pearl Life Design - Belly Breathing

In order to make belly breathing part of your every day

Set yourself the 21 day challenge

On the hour every hour, simply put your hand on your belly and breath into your belly

When you take a deep breath in, extend your belly, like blowing up a balloon

When you exhale, collapse that balloon

When your watching a movie, driving the car, on the phone, standing at the water cooler – belly breathe

Within 21 days you’ll notice you’re automatically belly breathing

Maximizing your choices!

Feeling more grounded and centered!

Read the page on belly breathing.

One of the #1  anti anxiety treatments on the planet  – Just Breathe

Balloon - Belly Breath - Blue Pearl Life Design


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