Relief from Irritable Bowel

Relief from IBS

Dear Beverley

You did a great job and I am very grateful!  As promised here is some feedback!! 

The first thing I noticed was when I left you and I was in traffic, normally I would be quite stressed, in particular in Perth traffic since moving to the Gold Coast as I have lost some familiarity with driving in Perth.  Additionally that I had a hire car which I was not quite used to and so my old thoughts used to be something like “What if I am in a traffic jam and want to go to the toilet!!

My good old Monkey Mind! 

However, as I was driving towards Canning Highway, I was totally calm and noticed that I was not thinking those old repetitive thoughts about  “What if I want to go to the toilet!”   Since seeing you last week, I have not stressed about the toilet situation which has been such a comfort to me.  

It is no longer the big issue in my life and I feel that I have lost a lead weight!!!

I used to think maybe when my mother passes on and I don’t have to deal with those issues any longer, my body will be better; or when my son comes to the Gold Coast even for a holiday ……my body will be better…. That type of thinking has disappeared and it is NOW that my body is better.   

What I am left with and I understand now, is probably minor age related nuisances that just happen as the body gets older.  However, any discomfort I have, is absolutely minimal if at all and very short lasting.  

I can hardly believe it, which is why I didn’t email you straight away as I wanted to make sure!!!  I am also now very aware of that “Monkey Mind!!” 

Once again Beverley thank you so much!   If you want to use this email as a reference or want to give my number to anyone to hear about my experiences please feel free to do so. 

Best wishes SP


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