The Pathway to Healing Trauma & Sexual Issues Through Hypnosis

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Trauma comes in many different packages. Sometimes, it can be physical trauma, which happens when you suffer from an injury or chronic disease. Other times, we can suffer from mental trauma, caused by an emotional issue, or a problem that happened to us at an earlier stage in our lives.

One of the most common, and life-altering forms of trauma, is sexual abuse. This refers to any form of sexual violence, ranging all the way from rape, to molestation, and more. While sexual abuse is one of the worst experiences any person can go through, it’s important to remember that you can recover from trauma.

Although trauma can have a long-lasting impact on your thoughts and behavioural processes, it doesn’t have to define who you are.

Hypnosis and Sexual Trauma

Hypnotherapy can be one of the most powerful ways to overcome issues of sexual abuse and trauma. In fact, I’ve had plenty of successful experiences with using hypnosis in treatment for sexual issues in the past. One of my clients recently wrote to me, and I wanted to share their story here, to let other people know that you can heal from abuse:

“I experienced a trauma in my teenage years and believed that I had dealt with it until many years later it reappeared. The hardest part was identifying and accepting that I had a problem, then where do I go to get some help to solve it. Initially, it was very daunting I felt very alone and different.

For many years my support network has been made up of my GP, specialist, women’s health physio and a counsellor. I was making progress, however, there was always a hurdle that I couldn’t seem to move past, it was like I was missing a piece to my puzzle. At times, it was exhausting both mentally, physically and emotionally to keep picking myself up and some frustration if things did not go how I had hoped.

Finally, my specialist recommend hypnotherapy. I had not been before but I was willing to give it a try. After three sessions I came out empowered, confident and a better version of myself. I had found my missing puzzle piece, overcame my hurdle and felt so proud of myself of my achievement.”

How Hypnotherapy Helps with Sexual Abuse

As you can see in the message above from one of my clients, hypnotherapy can be a great way to give people control over their own sense of sexual power. With hypnosis, it’s possible to dive into the thought processes that surround your trauma issue, and re-think the way that you might respond to sexual situations in the future, removing the trauma, the fear, anguish, and pain from the past.

Hypnotherapy isn’t about covering up what happened to someone with a history of sexual abuse. Instead, it’s about getting to the root of the problem, and resolving the trauma in a very non evasive way, reinstating better feelings of self-esteem and self-worth.  Coming to terms with the guilt that can occur because of some old painful experiences.

My hypnosis sessions with abuse clients have helped them to discover they’re not alone and find solutions to their particular situations that were preventing them from finding happiness in the future. You can achieve the same outcomes; all you require is to reach out for help.


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