Too Stressed To Have Fun?

Stresss… we all know Stress is a two way street.

On one hand we know that without stress we actually remove our natural ability to grow.    If we stay comfortable then we always stay within our natural comfort zones and stagnate as evolving human beings.   However, on the other hand, if we get too much of stress, we suffer.

We are all aware that in our society at this point in time, most people’s stress levels are way beyond any positive growth ….

Our focus of attention on our stress gives it more attention, thus perpetuates this vicious cycle.  In accordance with electrophysiological operating principles of the brain, whenever a neuron fires, it transmits an impulse which is relayed and registered in the brain.  However, if the SAME cell continues to fire repeatedly for some time, its message is no longer acknowledged by the brain, becoming a constant electrical background feature of the central nervous system.

This phenomenon can be readily demonstrated with the sense of smell.  When entering a room where incense is burning, you are initially very much aware of its fragrance.  However, after remaining in the room for a while you develop sensory inattention and no longer notice the previously overpowering smell. Researchers have called this phenomenon habituation, where the brain becomes accustomed to the stimulus.

Practices like meditation, yoga and relaxation in the form of walking and having ‘down’ time or ‘relaxed fun’, such as a family outing , a picnic or casual meal, interrupt these circuits and provide a welcome relief.  These types of activities carried out with regularity create new pathways and assist in  finding balance in our lives.

It’s important for us as beings to incorporate these types of activities into our daily lives.  To make room in our often busy schedules to have a bit of ‘fun’ or down time and reconnect to our loved ones without checking the emails or updating our social pages.

We are all increasingly aware of the long term effects of continual focusing on our stresses to the exclusion of taking that walk, or kicking that ball with our friends and family.  We hear it on the news, we see it in our immediate families and communities and yet still we brush that aside allowing the slow silent stress to continue to build up inside ourselves… knowing we have at our finger tips the wherewithal to stop and reconnect.   Have a bit of fun!  J

As you sit there reading this, and seeing the movie of your mind playing for you for your own personal journey… just take a moment..  and imagine..

See yourself in your mind’s eye… rushing here , there.  Stressed.  Perhaps not speaking to your loved ones like you wish you had of.   Maybe see yourself at work.. being overly tense.

Be right there in that moment.. and see that movie in your mind playing, you as the lead Actor.

Is it in colour, or black and white?

Notice others in your movie, what are they doing, saying; how are they interacting with you, you with them?

Take a moment to see it fully in your mind’s eye.. your movie..

Now…. Step back.. imagine you are the Editor.

Notice how it looks as you begin to change some of the colours, make it brighter or sharper, or change the colours altogether.   Adjust the tones of the sounds, the voices.

Even change the camera angle, look at it from another perspective.  Change the focus of attention.

Notice how that feels, looks.

Again..take a moment… make some changes to it as suggested above, or create other changes you come up with yourself…

Now.. you are the Writer/Director…

Step back from the movie and change the story.

Decide to change the narrative, the outcome and storyline into something more useful and empowering.

Direct each of the characters and give them a new perspective.  Give the lead character, that’s you, all the resources and insights and inspirations he/she requires to make changes.

Notice how that feels, looks.

Take a further step back..

You are now the Producer… as the Producer have the power to choose whether to commission this new movie or the old one…

Perhaps refer to the article “Let’s Talk About Some Ways To De-Stress” and implement starting your day off with a clear picture in mind, of how you want your day to look like, feel like.. sound like.. and what where will you allocate having a bit of fun in your day… interrupt those habitual stress circuits…

Decide now!

Now run your movie back again through your mind;

you as the Producer commissioning the new movie;

the Writer / Director.. resolving to run the new movie;

as the Editor; resolving to keep the lighting and sound systems congruent with the new outcome;. and YOU as the lead actor;  what will you be saying and implementing over the next few days, weeks, months.. years… and committing to have more fun in your life?

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