What Is Your Preferred Outcome?

It is only by chance that you arrive at your destination, if you’re not quite sure where you are going!

So many of us blunder through our lives in the hopes that things will work out.   When we’re young and carefree, this seems to work for us… as often there are our caregivers, giving direction… Though as we get older, we are not so keen on taking their direction.. and blunder through our lives.. hoping things will turn out for us….

Years later, the realisation is… we hardly know what we want…or who we are .. or where we would like to be in our lives…

Help is at hand!

The exercise below is a way out of the minefield of random, mediocre results… helping you to arrive at a place within you where you are the one in control of your outcomes, updating your Blue Print of who you are, what you want in your life and your  relationships… no more leaving your life  to chance… 🙂

Feel free at any point if you decide to do the exercise, to contact me for clarity if its required.  I welcome any chance to upgrade what is written and make improvements.

Click here for an excercise to help with creating your preferred outcomes.

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