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Changed Mindset from Bulimia

I have been suffering from bulimia for the last 6 years and had sort help from a psychologist, counsellor and had also undertaken an outpatient eating disorder program. However, I was still really struggling with my eating disorders and it was controlling and destroying my quality of life. While I wanted to change and I had to the some tools, I still felt unable.

Bulimia Nervosa Help SuccessBeverley helped me to realise that I was not holding myself accountable and that I had developed 2 conflicting mindsets about how to achieve my goal of getting better. That is, my conscious mind was telling me that I need to start eating I eat normally, and then when I did so, my unconscious mind would try and control my eating and my weight through binge/purge. Thus, I struggled to change my behaviour.

I think what worked for me this time compared to other previous methods that were mainly CBT focused, was that instead of looking to break the cycle in the ‘moment’, I had a new mental model to think about how I wanted to achieve my goals and how my behaviour was not letting me achieve my goals. Beverley helped build my confidence through NLP and hypnosis to taking the right action, align my conscious and unconscious mind and helped me to build a goals framework to hold myself accountable.

The 3 hypnosis sessions and the audio recordings were fantastic in helping me to clarify and feel easy about the tasks and goals I had set myself. They also offered a type of meditation that I personally found more effective then more traditionally types as I find it hard to not let my mind wonder.

6 years is a long time to suffering from something as overwhelming as an eating disorder and it becomes in grained in daily behaviours and coping mechanisms. I had three hypnosis and NLP sessions with Beverley and found her to be extremely compassionate, professional and offered practical advice.

I recommend Beverley and her NLP/hypnosis approach to anyone suffering from bulimia, at any stage of their journey.

Katie B


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