Hypnosis, Fact and Fancy and States of Mind


Though hypnosis is a natural skill which is inherent in everyone, some people are naturally more accomplished than others and need little guidance or instruction.  The research indicates the more intelligent and imaginative a person the easier it is to master the skill.  A person who is accustomed to the domination of others, is required first to really desire to be awakened to seek the truth and strength in himself.

In short, hypnosis is basically a technique for focusing awareness and at the same time broadening perception to appreciate the full spectrum of events and see beyond the merely superficial.  Practice results in focusing and fine tuning the mind so that all mental, bodily and spiritual levels function in harmony.

Most of the beneficial effects of hypnosis are attainable at a light level of relaxation or trance equivalent to the mental state experienced in day-dreaming or in an interesting novel or film.

All hypnosis is essentially self-hypnosis.  A hypnotist or hypnotic recording can guide you  to introduce the hypnotic state.  If you decide to be receptive to the suggestions – and the key word is IF you decide – only then a state of relaxation can be induced to facilitate the shift of your awareness from outer to inner consciousness, from cortical to sub-cortical levels of mind.  You can choose at any time to override the relaxation suggestions and you will not respond to hypnosis.

So the common fallacy that people lose all control under hypnosis and can be made to react as the hypnotist dictates, is exactly that, a fallacy. 

Even at the deeper levels of hypnosis required, for example, in the suppression of severe pain, as one part of the mind becomes relaxed and inattentive, another part becomes increasingly aware.  In fact, awareness reaches a level many times greater than that experienced in the state we call ‘normal awakening consciousness’.  This leads many people to the mistaken belief that they are not actually hypnotised.  An interesting question to consider is, how would you really know if you are in fact hypnotised?

Hypnosis expands the levels of ordinary consciousness, widening perception and deepening your power of introspection, it does not cause you to lose consciousness.  If the circumstances are appropriate, you may choose to drift into a light hypnotic sleep.  This is entirely acceptable because your subconscious mind never sleeps and you will continue to absorb the messages.

If you are listening to a recording a simple hypnotic technique is used to enable you to return to normal awakening consciousness at a predetermined time.  However, in the event of any form of emergency, the enhanced awareness ensures that you will respond instantly in a calm effective manner.  The reason for this is, your subconscious mind is deeply concerned with your survival and invariably acts to ensure it, as you will have experienced in driving when you conscious mind may have drifted to the extent that you fail to recall having passed a familiar landmark.

An experienced hypnotist can guide you to eliminate or control a self destructive habit within half an hour, additionally you will gain an understanding of techniques of self hypnosis which can then be used beneficially in a myriad of ways.

The power of the imagination, properly focused, is truly remarkable.  What is equally remarkable is that so many people can drift aimlessly through life oblivious to the fact that they have ready access to unlimited personal power and potential.





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