Does it work?

This is a question I get asked time and time again.

I’ve based my life’s work on the healing processes and technique’s that I teach in my sessions. Everything I share with a client is what I myself have done or experienced personally on one level or another.

So the short answer to that is, yes.

To take that a bit further.

Our subconscious minds are extremely powerful, and it has become increasingly difficult to ignore that we’ve actually moved into an age where not all conventional medicine is working. Whilst I support its uses, I have heard time and time again, clients who have been in conventional counselling for several years and then experienced an NLP/Hypnosis session, have said to me they have learnt more about themselves in the first hour and a half, than in the ten or so sessions they have had in conventional counselling.

One of the most important vehicles for accelerating change, is when a client is enlightened as to the level of responsibility they have in making the changes themselves.

Doctors, Psychiatrists, Counsellors or Hypnotherapists cannot make a client change, or do anything unless they themselves want to sincerely make a change. Some practitioners can mask the cause of discomfort by treating the symptoms only, however a skilled therapist can assist with navigating through the layers of conditioning and guide a person to arrive at a place of realization and ultimately responsibility. Change is then, inevitable.

What can I expect during sessions?

Sessions are rarely the same. Part of the art to this science is being flexible and showing up for the client in the ways the will best serve them. Often, however, there are common aspects to sessions. Understanding how we as individuals create meaning and understand our reality is usually an appropriate place to start. Once we begin to understand how we create meaning we automatically open the door to allow us to create change in our life. Then, once the door is open we can start to explore the quickest ways forward for you. The one thing that all my clients can expect during a session is complete confidentiality and my 100% attention and willingness to assist you with whatever challenges you may be facing.

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What techniques do you use?

I use a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP (which is likened to the science of the mind), it helps to unravel what our ‘triggers’ are that keep us repeating old negative thought patterns and behaviors, and allows us to make generative permanent change.

Where are you located?

See my Contact page for my office locations.

How many sessions will it take to get results?

Results are relative to each client. One client may have the breakthrough they are seeking in only one session. Another client may require two, three or even six sessions. Some clients prefer to receive my assistance on an ongoing basis.

Can I claim sessions with you on private health insurance?

I have an accredited Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and hold an Australian Hypnotherapy Association Clinical Member Number. (0806122)

I am a recognised provider for:

Medibank Private
Bupa Australia Pty Ltd
MBF Australia Pty Ltd
MBF Alliances-MBF- NRMA
CBHS Health Fund Limited
Australian Unity

If you are looking to claim from your health provider, it may be best to check directly with them as some smaller providers certainly do recognise our training and offer benefits.

Medicare rebates not applicable

What are your opening hours?

I operate 8am – 6.30pm Monday to Fridays with the first two Saturdays a month open for appointments and am currently about two weeks booked in advance, though if a pre-booked client requires re-scheduling, this becomes available for those who wish to be brought forward.

PLEASE NOTE: If re-scheduling an appointment, 24 hour notice is required as this enables another to fill the spot.

If 24 hour notice is not given, FULL FEES will be charged for late cancellation.
Your co-operation is most appreciated.

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