Some areas that my services focus on include:

Achieving Goals / Re-aligning Values
Alcohol Control
Anger Management
Be Decisive – make decisions and resolve issues creatively
Blissful Sleep
Bulimia / Binge Eating
Confidence boosting / Self Esteem
Deep Relaxation
Depression / Mood Swings / Grief
Drug Abuse
Extended DISC Profiling
Exam Nerves
Fears / Phobias
Food Addictions
Stop Gambling
Halt unwanted thoughts – transform self criticism
Harmony in the home / Couple Counselling
Healthy Eating
Improved Concentration
Improved focus / awareness
Increased Motivation / Drive
Injury Healing
Interview Success
Jealousy / Envy / Anger / Guilt
Learn to Meditate – Tune into you – Yoga Nidra
Manage your Pain / Relief / Management
Memory Enhancement
Nail Biting / Nerves
Personal Power – Be in the NOW
Photographic Memory
Positive Thinking
Public Speaking
Rebuilding Relationships
Regression – (Dolores Cannon & Carl Banyan)
Reinvent yourself
Respond to loved ones in a way that is mutually respectful
Sports Improvement
Stop Smoking Permanently
Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling)
Unlock Creativity
Weight Loss, Control / Management / Virtual Gastric Banding

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