Anger Management

Do You Have Anger Management Issues?  Would you like to have them realistically resolved?

Do you spend time beating yourself up attempting to figure out what was ‘that’ all about?

There’s a big difference between feeling a little frustrated to noticing your blood begin to boil when you face a less than perfect situation. Unfortunately, more people than you might realise suffer from anger management issues. Almost one in ten Australians experience anger management issues.

We have all at one time allowed our their emotions get the best of us from time to time. The key is being able to recognise when anger is having a serious impact on your life, or even damaging your mental health. That’s when  its time to get help.  Through non evasive strategies using hypnosis and NLP, anger management issues can be realistically resolved.

The Common Types of Anger Management Explained

Anger is a kind of “mental health” condition which happens when you’re unable to control your feelings.   Anger management issues can go from “volatile anger” which includes periods of excessive, or violent rage, to the simmering, below the surface type of anger.  We can become snappy and snarly at the slightest thing, oftentimes beating ourselves up after the event.  Some of the common anger disorders include:

  • Chronic anger: Which can be the trigger for other mental disorders
  • Passive anger: Which can be difficult to identify, and doesn’t always appear the same as regular anger, the simmering type
  • Overwhelmed anger: When you’re struggling to cope with stress
  • Self-inflicted anger: Which is can be caused by feelings of guilt
  • Judgmental anger: Which might come from feelings of resentment, and often is directed towards others
  • Volatile anger: Which can include periods of violence or aggression

Importantly, anger management issues aren’t just noticeable in the outbursts that a person might have. Problems with strong emotions have an impact on your emotional health and well being.  Additionally, they also create physical changes in the body, causing headaches, digestive problems, heart palpitations, and increased blood pressure.

Anger Management - Help through Hypnosis and NLP - PerthDo You have an Anger Management Problem? Find out how Hypnosis and NLP can help resolve Anger Issues  in a non evasive way.

Losing your cool every now and again doesn’t mean you have an anger management problem. Mental health professionals will generally look at trends in your emotional symptoms, physical symptoms, and behaviour to diagnose whether it’s a disorder. If you do have problems with feelings of anger, then you can come to terms with them through counselling, NLP and hypnotherapy; with specifically designed strategies to manage your emotions and change potentially detrimental behaviour.

Hypnotherapy for anger management typically focuses on teaching strategies including relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis that help you to take control of your feelings and maintain a more helpful perspective on life!


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