Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

Corporate NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programmimg (NLP) is a powerful workplace tool which allows you to:

  • Directly influence your emotional and psychological states to increase professional success
  • Replace negative behaviours and habits with positive, productive ones
  • Employ more efficient and effective approaches to everyday workplace tasks
  • Become very much aware of how your own choices and behaviour impact upon others and adjust these dynamically to create empowering outcomes in team-based collaboration
  • Perceive your own motivations and purposefully direct them to optimise your interpersonal communication with team members to achieve powerful workplace outcomes

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What is it?

Neuro – refers to your neurological system, the way you use your sense of sight, hearing, touch , taste and smell to translate your experience into through processes.. both conscious and un-conscious..

Linguistic – refers to the way you use language to make sense of your experience and how you communicate that experience to yourself and others.  Your language patterns are an expression of who you are are and how you think

Programming – Is the coding of experience.  A program is a series of steps designed to achieve a specific result.. the results you achieve and the affects you create in yourself and others are the consequence of your personal programs.  There is a sequence of behaviours and thinking patterns that result in yoiur experience.   Through awareness of these sequences you can code the structure of your own and other peoples experience.

NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming is likened to the software for the brain.. the operating system.

Hypnosis.. the application or process that allows you to upload the software to the human computer.. your brain.

NLP can assist you with being more successful by learning to influence your emotional and psychological states;

Replace negative behaviours and habits with positive ones;

Transform the way you go about everyday tasks;

Be more aware of your impact on others and how to manage your behaviour for more empowering outcomes;

Better understand your own motivations, needs and behaviours and use them more effectively; thus improving your interpersonal communication with all with whom you are in relationship with.

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