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Confidence with Public SpeakingWould you like to speak effectively and have confidence with public speaking?

Let me share with you some essential NLP Helpful Hints.

Know your topic inside out

Seems obvious, however all the confidence with public speaking in the world, is not going to help you unless you have researched and know your topic well. When you have the topic well researched you’ll notice the difference in your confidence when you are delivering your topic and randomly being able to answer questions associated to your topic.


Visualise yourself public speaking with confidence. Hear your own voice, strong and commanding. See yourself standing grounded and filled with confidence at public speaking.

What happens when we do this, our subconscious minds are recording and storing this information.

It, the subconscious mind, believes that that is a real live event. It believes it is actually happening. As we visualise ourselves being calm and confident with public speaking, when the time comes, because we’ve done it in our minds a few times over, the subconscious mind already has all the information it requires for us to stand and deliver!

Confidence with Public Speaking - NLP

Segment Intend the moment

Segment intend your event, is a little like Visualisation, though with a slightly different emphasis.

Prior to the big day, visualise yourself wearing the clothes you are going to wear. See yourself arriving before the event, with everything in fine working order. Step out onto the stage and give your talk. See the end of that event, perhaps the applause, people asking questions, people shaking your hand. Then see yourself leaving. Next see yourself arriving at home and recounting the event, beaming and filled with confidence. Do this from start to finish as if you were scanning a page in a book.

What you are doing here is breaking up your day into a ‘segment’ of time. And your Intention is what YOU intend for that moment, that segment of time of what your day will look like and feel like.

See the Segment Intending article for a bit more information on this topic.


Belly Breathe

Stand firm and strong in your body, place your hand on your belly and as you breathe in, push your belly out as far as it can go.

As you breathe out, suck your belly in as if you are sucking your belly back towards your spine.

Do this several times.

You will notice you feel a little light headed to start, this soon passes.

This exercise is widely taught and used as an Anti-Anxiety technique.

See here for more a more detailed version of the Belly Breath.


Smart Public Speaker - NLP Strategies

Set your Anchor

As you Visualise and Segment Intend your event, squeeze your thumb and finger of your Non Dominant Hand, emphasising positive emotions and feelings.

Pick a completely random symbol.

Next, squeeze your finger and thumb, see your symbol and visualise / segment intend your event.

Do this several times throughout your normal day. Visualising your event, each time, squeezing your thumb and finger and seeing your symbol.

When the big day comes, as you step out to perform, taking in a belly breath, grounding yourself, fire off your Anchor. See your symbol and allow your sub conscious mind that has been pre-programmed for the success of your event unfold.

To further enhance your confidence with Public Speaking, complete your experience with a hypnosis session which includes your NLP Strategies. Your personal session will be recorded so that you can listen to it several times before your event, simply enhancing your natural abilities and promoting confidence with Public Speaking.

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