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Stop Fear of Flying - HypnotherapyRemember me?

You helped me overcome my fear of flying with hypnosis!

I wanted to give you an update on my situation.  As you know I pulled the plug on going to Brazil and decided to leave that chapter of my life behind.

To be honest, I got over it pretty quickly thanks to you. I didn’t like to think I had a phobia, though the reality of it is, I did!

It was not as devastating as I had previously envisaged.  What was more important to me was clearing my mind and preparing for smaller steps, thanks to your processes and patience.

Well, I’m happy to report that I have just arrived back from Bali. NO ANXIETY,  NO STRESS on either flights! No more fear of flying!

The trickiest part was seeing past the anticipatory anxiety and ‘what ifs’ prior to travelling which we had talked about endlessly!

Stress Free flyingOnce I was at the airport I felt fine.  I even went to meet the Captain on my flight over to Bali and got some perks, including a row all to myself.  It worked out well.

I will not be back to see you for the same issue, though I did want to update you on my progress.

I also looked into the program called SOAR, designed for individuals like myself and coupled with your sessions and expertise, it gave me an added edge for the stress and anxiety I used to feel on flights.

(See reference for SOAR here)

I’m already plotting my next trip back and feeling in complete control.

Thank you for all your  help over those very difficult months I sincerely appreciate it and look forward to seeing you again as I’m sure I have other little foibles that I could improve upon!

Thanks again!

Warm Regards MS.

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