Testimonials about Stress and Anxiety Relief – Hypnotherapy

Freedom from Stress and Anxiety - Hypnotherapy

Stress & Anxiety Relief…..

I just got home!  Feeling so relaxed and great.

Thank you so much.

Its the best and most positive thing that has happened to me in a very long time!

Thank you   – FH


Stress and Anxiety - Gems of understandings - Clarity

Understanding and Clarity – Stress Relief

I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity in my life to have met you!

You have brought a whole new vision of understanding and clarity to my life – I will be forever grateful to you!  I look forward to our next session!  Thank you!  – SA


New beginning - new lease on life - hypnosisFinding the Balance in Life and the Me

I trust you are well.  I have referred my friend David to you.  Yes, this is THE David we spoken about a number of times.  He feels ready to deal with some of his stuff.

Things have been going very well for me.  I’m so happy now and not so hard on myself.  I’m back in training and finding the balance in taking care of myself.  I’ve even started dating again!

Thank  you for helping me to see how amazing I am!  I will be back.  JS


Help / New beginnings through Hypnosis / NLP

Turned the Corner

Some unexpected news.  Quite a shock really.  I was made redundant today.  I did not see it coming for sure.

How do I feel?


New start.  New hope.  New beginnings. 2015 has been a roller coaster though your student is better prepared.    Life is worth living and I have so much to offer.

I am in a great place.  Thank you for coming into my life.   I have more stories to tell and more to come. I will keep in touch and see you again soon.


A few recent testimonials from clients who have had suffered from

Anxiety and Stress and have made positive changes in their lives,

having experienced NLP and Hypnosis.







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