I really cant thank you enough for this new insight for not just flying but life itself!

hello beverley,

thought i would send you a quick update as to my progress so far. the flight i got on a few days after our session was absolutely fine. usually a day or two before the flight ill start thinking about the flight and getting nervous but even when i was at the airport about to get on the plane the thought of flying still hadent entered my head. usually before take off i would try and go to sleep but this flight i got on and started watching t.v. during take off i was actually looking out the window rather than straight ahead. the flight itself was quite rough but not once did a negative thought enter my head. basiclly the flight was a non event for me i didnt really have any fellings / emotions to it one way or the other. this has never happened before! apart from the flying i’ve come away from the session with nothing but positivity. things that were getting me down or pissing me off before hand i just let go now. i’ve made a few apologies to people about my actions of late and i’ve had comments on my positive change. all in all im feeling a lot better about myself and its almost as if im untouchable at the moment and nothing can get me down! i’ve tried explaining the session to a few people but its really hard to put into words what happened and i suppose the metamorphisis that has taken place with me. i realise its early days so im not getting too carried away with things but im implementing things you recommended such as a journal and i wrote down some goals the other day aswell. if you would like to use any of my comments for advertising please go ahead as i really cant thank you enough for this new insight for not just flying but life itself!

thankyou very much


April 2012

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