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SMART Wegith Loss GoalsWeight Loss with Hypnosis – Attainable and Easy

I’d like to share this interview with you,  (see link below),  which was recently shown on a commercial channel.  It was an interview by two journalists with a hypnotist from the East Coast about weight loss.  Mark Stevens, brought along his client,  who lost 43 kilos, simply by attending hypnosis sessions.  She was inspired to get her life back on track.

To lose weight is primarily about the mindset which in turn inspires the motivation.  If  you just want to lose weight for an occasion, or its your new year’s resolution, your weight loss program will be short lived.

Take some time for yourself and really get clear about what it is you would want from the lifestyle change. Ask  yourself a few simple questions to help you define your long term weight loss lifestyle.  Start with small achievable goals which in turn motivate you to continue to reach your ultimate goals.

Using the SMART mnemonic:-Weight Loss Hypnosis

S – Specific (or Significant)

Make your ideal weight loss goal specific and significant to YOU.

M – Measurable (or Meaningful)

Ensure that each step of your weight loss goal is measureable by you, for you.  Meaningful to YOU.

A – Attainable

Important to have this goal of loosing weight attainable by YOU and YOUR efforts, not relying on anyone else to get you out for that walk!

R – Relevant

Relevant to YOUR personal circumstances.

T – Timely  (or Trackable)

Ensuring you put timely and trackable steps in your weight loss plan according to YOUR lifestyle, no one else’s.

Be inspired by others achievements in losing weight and changing their lifestyle, know that its in your reach too.

To lose weight with the assistance of hypnosis is a rewarding enjoyable experience; experience it for yourself!


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