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We all feel as at times as though we have the attention span of a goldfish!

Lately, problems with procrastination and poor focus have become more significant than ever, particularly as there are so many new things for us to be distracted by. From smartphones to tablets, and countless other forms of technology, your thought processes are constantly being pulled in different directions, not to mention day to day with families and work situations constantly changing.

So how can you get manage the clutter, and start improving your concentration again? Well, there are countless answers. One of the ways you could consider are the benefit from hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions that teach you how to hone your focus.  You could start decluttering right now by looking at the following options, in addition to hypnotherapy help and NLP techniques.

1.     Drink More Water

Studies have shown that small amounts of dehydration (the type you get before you feel thirsty), can lead to problems with focus. In one particular piece of research, when women were less than 2% dehydrated, their ability to concentrate on a cognitive test was significantly impaired. This suggests that when the brain faces even a small change in physiology, it can begin to operate at a less than ideal level to get your attention.

In other words, drink up!

2.     Get More Sleep

If you’re constantly falling in and out of focus, then the problem could be that you’re simply not getting enough beauty sleep. The inability to concentrate can sometimes be caused by a lack of delta sleep -which is the slow-wave stage of sleep that comes before REM. This is the time when your brain powers down, and some evidence suggests that it’s also the period when certain cognitive functions begin to strengthen. If you’re constantly falling below seven hours of sleep, you might require to think about hitting the “snooze” button on your alarm clock or going to bed earlier.  Hypnotherapy is another good way to switch off that over active mind, you might like to have a hypnosis session and have your own sleep recording made for you.

3.     Twist and Shake

Finally, if you’re at work, or you’re in the middle of a conversation with your spouse, and you feel your concentration start to drift – move something. Wiggling your toes, clapping your hands together, or shaking your arms will bring your attention back to your body, where it belongs. If you really require to bring concentration back for a moment or two, you could always go for a quick walk around the office, or bust out a few dance moves if you’re all alone.


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